With Eva and Alban

We believe each individual is a wonderful story and our children would benefit by getting exposed to your story. Aarohi is a learning space where there is no curriculum, no teaching, no classes. We simply learn from whomsoever we can.
Personal presentation is part of any volunteer visiting Aarohi….this is one the way to know world and it’s culture.Not only sharing about the country but making it very personal with sharing family life, places they like, food they eat, places they studied, friends they have, life they lived, their likings and disliking.

Knowing Belgium with Eva from her perspective
Belgium, a Green country. …autumn 365 days a year… a country of fields. Three official language…Dutch and French with little German.
Famous for chocolates and also have waffles. Producing diverse bear.
French fries should be called Belgium fries…as they come from Belgium.
Writer of Tintin is from Belgium author ..famous for comics.
And football is undoubtedly part of Belgium. Red Devil’s is Eva’s favourite.
Atomiunm… famous emblem at Belgium representing atom.
Great square is famous for its beauty and architecture. Celebrate flower festival.
Flea market, cafe, sculptures, fields are very much part of life at Belgium.
Boys are into football and sports…so Eva does not get many for her dance classes.

And France with Alban
France is the country of love says Alban. Eiffel tower made for an exhibition is the most famous landmark.
Country of crepes to eat and Monalisa to see. Country is five times smaller than India, but have 18times less population.
Known for Alps and snow.
Country of cows and cheese
-35 degree centigrade allows to play with snow and other snow sports.

Free Diving session with Alban

Free Dive session with Alban to know basics and his story of free diving.Never freedive without a buddy says Alban as very basic safety rule of this adventure sports. And safety is number one priority.He grew up near metditarian sea and started with snorkeling and met an amazing freediver Loic Leferme and his story of freedive started.He shared various aspects of freedive. He shared some fatal accident stories when some trying to break records. He shared, competition is one thing to break records of deep or how long, but other aspect is to exploring in blue, making new friends underwater, exploring depth and self.

Eva and Alban sharingtheir experience at Aarohi

We had our first – and amazing – volunteering experience at Aarohi campus. It was a fantastic week during which we conducted drama and dance workshops, morning workouts, colletive games, helped with the day to day chores, started construction of a bathroom tepee and even introduced them to freediving. Don’t go there if you feel lazy! You wake up at 6, are busy all day and are glad when lights go off at10pm! We also learned a lot from people at Aarohi and from the kids themselves! The educational methods they developed (the kids are completely involved in the decision making process re. their own learning and the campus life, maintenance etc) blew our minds and result in kids with a curiosity and self-reliance we had never seen before. We were given time to adapt by observing on the first day, and then the idea was to do our own thing and let kids know about it: those who were interested or not busy with sthg else chose to attend or not. Coming from a western traditional school system it was great to see how adults value what the kids have to say and what they’ve managed to transmit to the kids in terms of developing a lot of different skills while accepting failure – not sthg to be avoided, but on the contrary the first and necessary step towards learning. Cherry on the cake, The food was plentiful (5 meals a day!) and delicious (veg and non-veg). During the weekend a few kids stay on campus, so the rhythm was slower, which was quite pleasant, and it really felt like being part of the family: everyone still did their own things but we also cooked, ate, played word games and watched a movie together. Thanks for having us, and big up to all the aarohi kids!