Entrepreneurship for Happiness!


Jaatre with Ishani tofacilitate a process where children can convert their true callings and deepest passion into a business.Sometimes, a child’s most weird habit can translate into a profession. For instance, if a child loves to crack jokes, we can have that child exploring stand-up comedy.

So the discussion began with “What you do yourself to keep you happy?”
Cooking, Football, Aviation, Time with family, Reading fiction, Reading spirituality, Shloka, Bhajan, Reading comics, Doodling, Videos, Playing games – board games and video games, playing with friends, stitching, time with family, any electrical work, crafting like making ear rings, spending time with others, sleeping, eating, baking, sleep over, TV, butterfly catching, talking to people.

Next question was–Can we convert out happiness into service or business or profession or career?
What are you doing to convert your happiness into profession?

Start with a Dream
and Sharpen skills to get paid

How do you convert your happiness of cooking, watching TV, spend time with family into your profession?
Start family TV show.
Cook for others
Be a director or producer
Take care of other dogs
Blog about TV show or dig care

Happiness of Shloka and Bhajan into your profession?
Become a Priest
Set up concert
Record and sell
Write and interpret and publish a book

Happiness of sleeping/eating/ watching videos/ watching movies into your profession?
Be a you tuber
Join eating competition
Food critique
Food blogger
Make videos
Create video games
Make board games/ revive traditional games of different regions
Film director

Happiness of Doodling/ watching TV and movies into your profession?
Doodling tuitions
Doodling art work
Make printable
Make diaries

Happiness of Playing, stitching, electrical work into your profession?
Refurbish bags
Repair cafe
Make bags
Makers space

Happiness of crafting, spend time with everyone into your profession?
Sell products in different regions
Project cafe – teach your skills to others, spend time with others,
Conduct craft Satsang

How do we convert this into an ACTION? Make a Bazaar and test our ideas

  1. Set up bazaar and include
  2. Food items – set up food stalls
  3. Create items
  4. Satsang, music concert with conversation
  5. Repair cafe
  6. Craft Satsang

And the last question for next beginning was“Why are we talking about converting our happiness into business or profession idea? Responses were – Peace, Happiness, being productive, Start thinking about it, balanced, satisfied

Ishani shared – “When we earn money from what we like, we naturally become good at earning money.
I became CA, but not happy. Then started facilitating for my happiness. AndI love it!

Happy me have a happy relationship!

Thank You Ishani for stimulating to have a meaning in our passion, and brining it closer to us.