Enriching Language


Celebrating the gift of language – Some of us know basic language, some of us are developing the language, but how do we refine when communicating with the world, how to make it descriptive, beautiful, bring quality, bring clarity, vocabulary, etc. – So its all about STYLE, BEAUTY, and CLARITY!

Words have stories

Words have words within them

Words are fine

Words may come from different languages

Do you know the story behind the word “school”?

Do you know how the word “mentor” came in?

Do you know what are pre words like pre, re, etc?

What does the “class” mean?

How did the word “word” came?

And that is what Etymology about!

The idea of the session was to discover another world of words beyond spellings and the words of their meaning are just stories!

In the opening circle, we read a few idioms and predicted where we would like to use them – it is all about the beautification of language!

In the closing circle we explored making a story with idioms, poetry, and proverbs – the idea was to go beyond our limitations of language and discover the beauty of language.

Suddenly catching someone doing wrong became “caught red-handed” while to do two works simultaneously were recognized as “kill two birds with one stone” and for some, it was “killing four birds with two stones”!

Some said, “vocabulary helped, for some poetry was enriching while for some reading is adding value”.