Enough Said – Movie review

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Enough Said, (a 2013 Americanfilm written and directed by Nicole Holofcener) is a romantic movie with parenting lessons in it :). The movie is not about parenting, but one can draw parenting lessons from it.

Two people falling in love, the relationship finds turbulence when one of the partner starts doubting other partner based on what she hears from ex-wife. The right title for the movie “enough said”.

We often find ourselves in the situation when we make images of our children, other children based on what we hear from others “that child is naughty, that child is intelligent”. And before we experience the child from our own perspective we are conditioned with images and sometimes even look for those events to happen to confirm to our images. Often the experience of one with another is not same as our experience with the same other person/child.

When one shares any image of a child/person – eg: “this child does not gets instructions in one time” – it is purely based on that instruction (event), that person’s way to give or receive response of the child. How can that be true for other situation, other people? So be aware before we listen to what people have to say about others (specially children).

At Aarohi when a child joins new, we do not take any history of the child, even if we are given any history from the past experience, we park it aside. We (facilitator) starts our journey afresh and understand each other from scratch. Watching this movie will tell you why it is important start with a clean slate with any child 🙂