Ennai Kandariye – Self Discovery Program


Ennai Kandariye is Aarohi outreach program in the neighborhood schools of Kelamangalam. The purpose of this program is to work with Government school children on self-empowerment, understanding self, individual strengths and weakness, images and beliefs and so on.

One adult and two children wanted to be part of this initiative to reach out to teach Government school children and set to visit the school which is close to Aarohi campus for getting permission. The journey started with children preparing themselves on how to introduce themselves to the principal and what to say about Aarohi and what is the purpose of taking classes with their school children.We all went to school and these children very patiently answered all the questions asked by Principal – “What is your name? What will you teach? what all you learn? How will you teach? “. After listening to children and understanding ourpurpose the principal gave us permission to conduct classes for the age group 11-15 yrs old and any day between Monday to Friday and timings between 10pm to 3 pm

introductory Session: We shared our purpose is not to teach subjects or help them with studies and our purpose is to bring awareness in children about understanding self and self-empowerment. We also explored with children to understand their needs. Children shared their needs to explore activities like Quiz, Puzzles, Sports, Story Telling, Art and Craft, Drawing, Dancing, Acting, Singing.The principal shared her needs to include road safety traffic, and others like snakes, fire, elephant.

We set three codes for sessions. “Listen while others are sharing, wait for your turn to talk, Choice to be part of the session or not”. We also played a small game. Inside the classroom, there was less free space, so chose only 10 children and took turns to play.

Reflecting on space in school where we can do without bothering about noise and running around and sun and rain.