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Session on 12/03/15– Images – > People

Meditation: Meditation with music went in silence with one or two children whispering the music.

Stimulation: Aunty showed Bitter guard and asked children to share about their thoughts onbitter guard. Few shared they like, few said did not like, its bitter, it is good for health, it kills germs in stomach. After sharing we reflected that we had different likes and dislikes about this vegetable. Even though few have not tasted, they shared it tastes bitter and we do not like it.

Activity: The activity was to categorize people in newspaper based on their thoughts. Initial 10 minutes with self and then 10 minutes for sharing thoughts in groups of 2.

We distributed newspaper to figure out various people and to categorize them based on their profession or their thoughts. Children complained this paper do not have pictures, this paper is torn, this paper is old. It took some time in settling down. Children were confused how to categorize. One child saw a kissing pose and shied , laughed, shared with friends on how to categorize this loving scene. One child saw a scary picture of ghost with eyes looking strange and how to categorize. The other child expressed there is no ghost in real, and actors are painted in colors. Other child showed a bike and a man and asked how should I categorize, Few children categorized cricketers as sportsman, body builders, police, Doctors, Business man. Few children looked at different photos, could not think anything and started talking and discussing to others. Few children called aunty , aunty to share their thoughts. We then decided to write on newspaper about their images

We tried to make all reds in inner circle and blue in outer circle to make pairs between friends, but children forgot their colors, and many came in center. Outer circle and inner circle children wanted to make their favorite pairs and not with others. Finally they shared with their friends.

Aunty added How did we make images about people in newspaper, do we have similar images about people whom we see in real life like friends , teachers, relatives, passer by and so. Are these images formed by us are always true ?

Reflection: We thought about if we had any image about self. We drew picture on finger about our self image.