Ennaai Kandariye – Tamil PUP School – Emotions


Session on Emotions: 5/3/15

Meditation: Meditation went smoother without much disturbance.

Stimulation Activity: We distributed emotion chart and shared what all emotions we all undergo throughout the day. Each child shared their own experience about feeling angry, sad, happy, annoyed, guilty and so.

Activity – Tower with Cards.

We made a group of 3 and shared 20 cards per group. We decided to build a tall tower and they need to feel about their emotion and mark on chart. Some tried to make the tower but could not get an idea? Few were trying hard to make the cards stand which were falling again and again and got frustrated. They complained that cards are falling and are not able to build with upset. Some children found a wall to support and built the tower, and while keeping last card the entire tower fell down. Few children wanted to do individually but not in group and were taking away cards to themselves and started building tower. Few complained friends are not co-operating and are taking away cards with anger. Few tried hard, few felt bad, few were able to make it and felt good and wanted to hide their tower from others. Few complained others broke my tower by blowing air.

Reflection: Few groups named their towers with different names and shared a song about their tower to all. Few shared a story about their tower. Few only named their tower.