This began with someone asking “why to bring a child from sand area and put energies in making them involve in activities?” Enjoyment is not in bringing the child by force to session. Joy is not in making child do without any interest. Fun is not only in let play in sand area.

Enjoyment is often joy, joy is fun, fun is easiness and enjoyment in learning is often confused with “easiness”. Here is recipe for enjoyment in Aarohi – click here. Enjoyment often does not come with joy. For first time for many it comes with frustration or resistance.

Enjoyment is also not only in doing what I do, the way I do – It is in decide what I do.So it is not about pushing the child from sand area to the session area – but to whipping the existing knowledge through thinking. So the efforts are in arguing with the child :). Fun is also not about what I do they way I do, it is in also sizzling with challenge. Challenge to do new, challenge to do different.