English Teacher!!!

Me and one of the child – together committed to work one hour during learning time “exclusively on reading and writing”. We do work one hour, Monday to Wednesday. We work in the evenijg, noon – any time of the day. He does some from his side at home, we sometimes do in the train, weekend at O-campus also – all this is bonus.

We have been doing this for last four weeks. We both have committed minimum for three months. We take up various activities of phonetics, play word games, read books, write words/ sentences/, we do dictation and make our own words games.

The objective is “exposure of more ways of learning”. In the process he will discover himself, his difficulties and explore various other ways of learning.

All the above was a stage setting for the story below.

next day one more child joined in playing word games saying “I too need to work on my spellings”. and soon two more joined.

And while we all were too busy playing world games, exploring words………one child who was observing us, came to me and asked “did you ever thought in your dream that you will become English teacher”.