Engineering Minds


I met this ‘engineered mind’ this week at Aarohi. He came for summer camp and first thing he touched was electronic box which contained many components. He was happy to know that he could use them. Second thing he visited was mud house which house many make and break things. Most of the so called junk is sorted and waiting to be used. Within few hours he knew what is where and he had planned where he can use what. Next day morning six o’clock he was busy digging sand, when asked he shared “he is digging sand for insulation in his solar water heater”.

He would think and talk in terms of ideas. Would wonder what can be fixed where and what can be reused, what can be invented and how. He would speak to me only in terms of ideas, he would share how he can fix that and this and take this from this and add this in that.

He did not talk any scientific definition, he was full of ‘application’. I wish he is able to continue his journey and reach where he deserves to be. I wish such scientific minds reaches in so called engineering line to bring joy in their lives and invention in our lives too 🙂