Engineering ALIVE

Thunder and lightening at the campus brought a new learning opportunity for us. After a thunderous lightening and heavy rains, our entire solar system came to an halt – we had no electricity at the campus for 3 days. We are still working on it……..we inferred “lightening struck somewhere around and it affected our solar panels and UPS”. Loads of research and efforts went into to understand the whole phenomenon.

While working on repairing and understanding the entire problem, Vishal did not try teach any child……………..he himself was learning by doing.Although he did not teach, but we all learnt a lot. I saw engineering ALIVE with the whole process. My respect for all kinds of engineering has gone high, my resistance for “technical” things has gone down by half, my understanding of science has doubled up. We were not directly involve with any reapir work,but all were AWARE of the efforts put in and we had loads of curiosityWhat is thundering? How it happens? Why our solar panels? How, why where what if……………….we all were wondering and unconsciously learning from our own environment and the opportunities it brought for us. The campsu with taught us a lot.