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Some worry about maths, we worry about that basic ability to apply maths.
Some worry about food, we worry about that understanding of food and body.
Some worry about English, we worry about the basic ability to express using various mediums.
Some worry about the level (grade), we worry about the ability to assess
Some worry about hygiene, we worry about connection with body.
Some worry and want us to monitor, we focus on empowering and worry about the AWARENESS.
We can give bath to the child
We can even go behind and make them brush
And force some vegetables in their plates.
But what do we gain?.
Neither health nor wealth ( empowerment).
How about creating awareness?
How about creating understanding rather imposing ?
How about letting them solve rather we solving for them ?
How about let them create their understanding
Let’s celebrate EMPOWERMENT together.

How do we make them think rather thinking for them?
How do we create their understanding rather we imposing our understanding on them?
How do we let them lead?

Let’s talk/ share/ ponder/ discuss HOW to EMPOWER our kids!