We tapped our shoulders with crossed hands and clapped to greet. Then we sang a tribal song….”guma lali guma lali vesta………” Kids repeated after me. Then we sang the same song in different speed… from slow to fast. Kids were excited to sing the song and they enjoyed singing it in different speed. Then kids formed groups. Each group was asked to choose a number and each number had an emotion linked with it. Kids were well versed with the 1st line of the song and they sang it with different emotions. They were also adding actions while singing.

Then a soundtrack was played and a scene was dictated and then the kids continued the story from that point and gave a name to their story. They also added emotions at different points. The story starts as… “On a rainy day with heavy thunderstorm, when I’m at home, I hear footsteps of someone outside my house and then someone knocks the door……..” Kids were excited to listen. Then they created their own storybook with a sheet of paper and wrote their story. They gave a name to their story. They designed their book and wrote their story adding diagrams relevant to the story. Each of them continued the story with different emotions. Few said they were scared, a kid said she was happy as her father had come, few said they were not disturbed, they wanted their mom to open the door. Few made it a horror story. Few made it a family drama…..

Then we reflected on any particular emotion with which we have stayed for a longer duration. Many said happy, few said fear, few said sadness… Then we tried to identify how long each of these emotions stayed.. Then they said they were happy for long duration and other feelings came in the middle.