Elephants and Maths

During water lab we were tracing paths of water lines and water sources at the campus. While our exploration we identified a cellular mark on the ground, Paramesh with confidence announced this is elephant’s foot mark. This brought a sensation in our exploration.

We began to exploring other three foot marks, we could not. Some came back with “If elephants came, they came on one foot”……….In security lab two kids took up the task of further investigation. They searched on the net how does the foot mark looks, they clicked the photograph and compared both “it looked similar”. Now they measured the footmark – this brought the question “how to measure?” I asked “do you know circle, geometry, diameter, radius etc etc?” The answer was no, so we started working on geometry. After this, they went and measured the diameter of the foot mark, it was 30cm. They again came back and searched for the size of elephant’s foot mark, their searched told them “it 40 to 50 cm diameter for a Tusker”. This brought a question “can it be of a baby elephant or a smaller elephant?” Our investigation continues……….

I do not know what we will gain by knowing of the elephants came on our land – if they came, they have, gone and can come back again, If they did not come, they can still come and go, In anyway, we have to be alert and and aware, so this investigation will not effect our coexistence with elephants. Then why this investigation, does this
question comes in your mind???

Well, for me the elephants are just a reason for us to get excited, rest all is our learning journey. In the process kids worked on geometry, research, reading……………you know the learning is part of all what we do, it is all around us, we embrace it in many ways, each child does in his/her own way.