Elephants and Livining


Animals means ‘attack’. Knowing more about Tigers tells us that they are SHY animals!- very opposite of their images in human minds.

Its November and Ragi grown commonly by villagers around the campus is in full bloom. Starting November Elephants also start crossing from around the campus and we call it ‘elephant season’.

Elephants like to eat Ragi crop and often raid the fields. This brings conflict between farmers and elephants.

We spend time to understand about elephants and their behaviour. We had a session on the same at campus during campus training. We shared about elephant movement, the role forest dept plays, indication of elephant movement in surrounding area, precautions at campus and joy of watching them crossing. We worked through theatre.

At the end one of the child said “no more fear”. Some wanted to know more, some continued with a bit apprehension in their heart, some were curious to see…Next day we watched 40 elephants crossing nearby field, we watched the silence of their movement, teamwork, listening to leader, care of baby elephants.