Electrical Fire Safety


TV show on electrical safety….Advay sharing about electrical fire. Advising us to throw sand to extinguish the fire and switch off the electric connect to and not ever mess up with bulb holders. He further emphasised that replace broken switches for safety and don’t use extension cords.

Shiva, Dhrupad, Arsalan, Pratyaksh, Skanda, Shiva, Ally, TW and Spidee Shared…..Check plug points, unprotected wire is dangerous, don’t overload, check for spark or smoke or smell, check appliances for damage, extinguish fire with sand or baking soda, don’t use water to extinguish electrical fire, check wattage, clean electrical appliances.

Now more aware, more sensitive and more educated about electrical safety.

Left us with a thought…safety without understating electricity is effective or not? So much more to explore…what is AC/DC current, wattage, spark, flow, and electricity as a concept.

Children rated families on electricity safety ranging from 4 to 48 and expressed that we need to learn and understand. ImagineAarohi,a community of self directed learners – no age bar.