Education for what?

Two kids were shopping with me in the supermarket. I picked on 200 gms packet for rs 105/- and 500 gms packet for rs 220/-. I asked both of the to find the cheapest pack. They both selected 200 gm packet (lees money). I gave one of them 5 packets of 200gm and one of them two packets of 500 gms. They again said “200 gms packet is less money and more in numbers” Well, I asked them to add total weight, they figured the weight was equal, but the money was not equal. They selected two packs of 500 gms as it was cheaper. It was eureka moment for both of them.
Most of the kids I meet are afraid of maths, most don’t like history and geography, most believe that they are not good in paintings and art, very few love music or dance or drama, some like art and craft, some cook, very few know basic plate washing, and almost all are not equipped with emotional tools, most hate writing, very few will know how to grow their food or cost of their meals … wondering what are we educating our kids for?