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Will children not take the easy path, while away time, become lazy or complacent, etc?
This can happen not just with a child in open learning, but in conventional schooling/college as well as with us adults at any point of our life. And this is where the family plays an important role, closely reviewing, reflecting, and understanding the child to guide with options that would work for that child.
Also, in our experience, since in open learning the child takes up leadership and responsibility of himself or herself (no one to blame), the child is also able to see through his or her phase of low morale or dedication towards his own goals and aspirations.

Jayshree a mother of 12yrs odl twins sharing
It’s boring to be lazy all the time. It’s good to laze around for some time. By then we get some ideas and thoughts and laziness gets lost. And we get immersed in what we are doing. We are not born to be lazy. Right from birth, each individual keeps doing something or the other, which leads to their development.
Children get to understand themselves and they have the time and space to understand where their interest lies, which doesn’t get skewed by what the world around dictates. Once they understand this, they will be carving their own path, which might be a well-known oath that many have explored already or a completely new path that we have never heard of. I have personally seen both of these variants with my children. And they have the freedom to change paths.