Our children work/learn/play and continue to do so…. When a child gets reward for the efforts in terms of grades, stars and medals the self worth gets a boost. But if others fail to recognize efforts and fail to give grades, medals and stars kids are disappointed and this sets inside in terms of ‘inferiority, feeling low about self, belief in self incapability’ and sometimes it surfaces in terms of misbehavior, frustration, anger, guilt, and so on.

It time to pause and reflect on our efforts – we call it self assessment at Aarohi. Daily and weekly reflection in different forms allows us to connect with ourselves, discover own capabilities and we stop depending on others point of view of achievement.

This week we reflected – what was easy, what was difficult – where we continued to work inspite of difficulty and what we left in-between. Many things which looked ‘easy’ and ‘fun’ to us (as an observer) was actually difficult. It was an eye opener to listen to kids own reflection of what was easy and what was difficult and what they left when they felt difficult. Kids shared…

  • It was hard to understand what was script, but i continued working on it. It was also hard to make tent with other child. Preparing presentation for KAA was tough, but I did it. I wanted to find correct picture and it hard but I did it. Sports in the early morning is hard and I left it. Repairing all cycles was hard and i only did one cycle repair. SItting in yoga posture was easy, writing movie story was easy, and acting was easy and sports playing was easy. I want to put challenges in my work. I used writing, and played games of multiplication. I felt happy, sometimes frustrated, angry, appreciated, guilty sometimes.
  • This week i was working on photography,designing a tap and the room.this week went very slow because we had a lot of guests and this week we were busy with them.in photography got few amazing pics i was trying to take pics which peopledon’tunderstand.so i could conduct a workshopwhich i would ask them guess what that is.in designing the tap i faced a lot of difficulty becausecouldnot find ideas in the internet.in room,designingthe room it was veryinteresting imarked my land then talked to Sinnappa anna search the internet in and out.talked to people.
  • This time bathing was easy because it became practice. Teaching boxing was easier. Kitchen clean up was easy, earlier I used to think dustbin are yucky but now I know that this is our food only. Movie making was hard for me because I cannot make whole story, first I was simply shooting, when I took ghost topic more people joined, it was tough but I continued. Editing was tough but I continued doing it. Graphics was tough, but I continued doing this. Keeping the camera lens in the sun was tough, but I continued. I was taking care to take care of the lens. One side I had to take care of the lens and other side of the movie. Finding shooting place was tough, but I continued searching and then found Sona’s hut to shoot.
  • When I was acting in movie, it was easy. While making toys it was easy, when I was reading it was easy. When I was drawing it was easy. Doing correct steps in the movies was hard but I continued. It was difficult to hard to read difficult words, but I read it. Movie editing was hard but I continued. When I was reading story and I thought of making story but I could not and i left. This week when I was sad, I was with me. I used natural material for props and making movie. Next week I want to use maths like how much seconds I am acting in the movie. I am feeling happy for the movie, and proud after editing and scared while I was making movie, I thought it will be a flop movie.
  • The part where I was feeling easy is when I was doing my campus care. My campus care was pets. I felt it was really easy. There were many hard parts, but I continued – one was when me and a couple of my friends started filming a movie and I was the cameraman/director/editor/actor I found it really difficult to combine all of these. The cinematography was very tough as I couldn’t figure out where to position the camera and it was too sunny so I couldn’t put the camera outside. So we used sona’s hut. And the part where we had to come up with a story was difficult because we couldn’t make our story too complicated because we did not have the editing software. But then after working hard we were able to do it and we are going to release. And then when I cracked an egg on my clothes, I washed it water but the smell did not cease. And I had to sleep with the egg smell and it wasn’t very good. There was one person who would irritate me a lot but I got through him and now I am thankful for him for giving me the experience. The part where I felt It was tough and I left it: I felt it was tough to add images to my website and so I left it. but I plan to continue it next time. I left doing some of my responsibility like washing the mop after doing Pocha. I went through this week are: sad, depressed, stupid. Achievement rate 45%
  • Hygiene responsibility, watering plant and guiding for pets food was easy for me. Researching about gardening, making presentation for KAA trip, and fasting was challenging. And also following up with people on hygiene was challenging, Case was challenging I left this week. Using Tripod with camera was tough and I left it. Playing multiplication game was tough but I continued doing.
  • It was curious week for me, I was excited about conducting sunshine. I did few mistakes and i was little nervous. In sunshine, creating song was easy, downloading song was difficult, but i did it. Few songs downloading i left as it was difficult. Campus care was very easy , while cleaning the kitchen. and watering plants was difficult as i had back pain and i left. I made my own KAA presentation which was easy and leant newly. I was laughing in the session which was easy, but controlling laugh was very difficult. I learnt few strategies to control laugh at sessions , so i can focus and not disturb others. I am working on accounting, and also learning calculations which was not so easy for me. I was thoughtful in understanding my body needs. I did few drawings which was easy.
  • Karate was easier for me because i knew half of the rules and i still learned with other child. Film making was differentbecauseit was human making and was new experience , but it was easy. Car goal was difficult ,becausei did not initiate to take right materials and i got bored , so i left it. Maths was hard and i continued to make the flash cards. it was challenging and interesting for me. Review and Reflection was hard as it was to be done in detail but i still continued. I used visual skill in making my KAA presentation. I used people and math skills while working on math goal. I was being creative in movie making, sharing ideas to my friends. I was successful in my progress inpracticingmaths. I was nervous while i was doing movie making initially.
  • Campus care task was easy. In Karate , it was easy to practice and teach others. I also felt happy. In movie making it was easy and were able to finish in 3 days. In toilet cleanup this week, it was very difficult and was finishing too late. In movie it was too tough to concentrate and i one laugh by mistake, so it became flop. It was difficult to take responsibility of everything, so i took band and it helped me to remember. In Snacks cleanup it was difficult as nobody was helping me and it was irritating. In presentation i was getting many ideas for trip, but i choose many places but choose only one. l used calculation and word knowledge in movie making. I was contented and was thoughtful while working on my goal of movie making.
  • It was easy experimenting on likes and dislikes of cats. Practiced few skills on Drawing and looks like it’s getting better. I was doing movie making. I was little annoyed and i left movie.In Meal responsibility cleaning washing stations was difficult. It was hard to make a tent and i kept on making until i finished. In Acting, i was getting angry with mistakes done by the team members but still i controlled which was hard to me. I enjoyed GV in tranquility and was easy and refreshing. I want to sleep in the tent house which might be tough. I took a break in movie bcoz it was difficult to act and accept others acting.I enjoyed my success of making tent without others help. It was easy task in campus care and nice watering hydra. I have been taking care of hygiene with little difficulty.