Earning and ME

Last year at the campus, we began with celebrating b’days with cakes. And we all decided to contribute Rs 20/- per month, so we have sufficient funds. But mostly it wa Me and Namrata, who were contributing Rs 100/- each and moving ahead. This year, after all kids had their one round of celebration, we brought this point “that contribution is not working, only me and Namrata are contributing and Even rs 20/- is from Parents, so then why not add in the fee collection?

We threw to them “how about earning money to celebrate your friends b;day”. Kids were excited with the thoughts of earning, but not ready to connect one with other J They had their own apprehensions…..

  • Earn and buy cake for the celebration, and what If we do not earn?
  • Where the initial money will come from? Who will give us loan?
  • How do we pay back?
  • Oh!! So much pressure on the head just to eat the cake

Slowly the thoughts came up

  • Let us scarp the cake (so no pressure)
  • Let us earn money, but not to celebrate or for the need of cake.
  • Earn money and have a cake day without any no occasion)

I learnt a different way of looking at the concept of “commitment, pressure, earning and so on………………”.I learnt that, I can earn for my pleasure and I can work for my joy and still have no pressure of liabilities. I learnt to say no to liabilities (loan) for my wants (cake). This reminds me a thought from one straw revolution “in all the animals’ kingdoms, we are the only one who work, others just live”. These kids have show me to live.

  • Does the earning has to be the way I think?
  • Do they have to look at “earning and contributing” the way I look at?
  • Do they have to look at commitment, the way I look at?

In my early day of my facilitation, I would have jumped into “Earning”. But Now, I am MUM – I am enjoying their explorations. In terms of skills, I know they are capable (earn money), but they are not sure of self (of commitments)……….I am silent, I do not have to bring my confidence for themJ. All they need is my acceptance of their apprehensions.