Online business or e-commerce with Fatima and Shoaib. They shared their story of getting into e-business, their life and their learnings.

Regular professional for eight years on ship, Fatina a CA in investment banker, decided to change a profession which gives them flexibility of place or rather not place dependent. First started learning and making ice-cream. Didn’t want to make ice-cream with preservatives. Financially broke, found self publishing as a niche product on e-commerce, ..now publish books and sell to kindle, at Amazon and help one other company to sell through Amazon.

While e-commerce needs just a stable internet connection, not necessarily high speed but have its own dynamics and challenges.

Most of us have experience of buying online, but understanding how this buying-selling works was interesting. The session not only gave us understanding about the e-commerce but a confidence that anything is possible to do, what one wants to do.

In just one hour session we got introduced to visibility, Purchase. Copyright on one click purchase Selling n E-commerce – Send your products, Stores, Purchase, Amazon picks, Ships, return policy, Advertisement to lure, Deals to incentives, Incentivising to Advertise, Monopoly in the market, Promoting products, Competitive market – if you are selling now, you may not be selling tomorrow, it’s competitive market, Niche Selection, best selling dynamics, Mode of delivery, Print on demand, independent publishing., Listing and promotion, pros and cons of e-commerce its struggles and benefits and its growth.

And they left us with a thought “yes, it’s possible to do anything, one would like to do, its just that one needs to do it”. and Yes, You can be your own publisher – So go ahead and write and just publish.