Drum pad – doing


The action of doing brings an opportunity for reality checks – your own questioning, understanding, learning, emotions, challenge, and a lot more……. The story started with the Child’s need for a drum pad. She knew the design and referred to the existing pad and did it with little effort and peer help and the making initiated her to try one more design. Story of making continues…. The Child wanted to make an earring stand. She came up with a ready design in her book. Just nudged with questions asked her to show how does it look and how does it fix, how much space does it take, what size? what kind of material? She thought for a while came up with different ideas and then to fix the design. The story continued, she started with collecting the right size material, figuring out how to fix, right size nails. Story of failure continues .. hammering, hammering, nails bent, nails bent, hands paining, wood cracking, straightening nails, try different, frustration, complaining nails are not good, wood not good and all possible she could blame, asked peers help, discussed why what and tried different and story continued ….. One question what do you think this Nail, wood, hammer listens to anna and not to you?? She thought for a while, she repeated the question, Yes i guess. Something I am making mistake was the realization.. She again tried and failed….. What happened in the story .. figure out