Dreams and Desires


Each desire, each dream gets attention. Nothoughtsor ideas are waste. We spend time on each dream,dream more and think in manydifferent.Nothing is impossible, we try each things which comes in our dreams and wish list. Whether we succeed or make products to show to the world is not important, what is important is that we TRY. We not only learn to try different things, but we also experience what goes in making each dream true. We fail, we do, we achieve, we DREAM.

Four engineering students shared their journey of making their own car, the session inspired us to think about making our own go-cart. The session of go-cart design was attended by various ages (7 to 47 yrs old). We pondered and spend time in dreaming about the Go-cart, its feature, its design, itsmechanismand joy it willbringin our life.

Dome…attended by various ages…each one found their own interest of work in the project. Some were pondering over material while some were interested in structure and some were simply joyful to start making of dome.

Joy of being learning together in learning together…no age barriers. All learn, all dream and live together.