Dream house


One child was working on making of her own dream house; where she can read books, sleep, play, have peaceful time. She started with the size of the house : “How big it should be?” Then she thought let me design (Draw) it to be clear. She started with drawing and lead towards thinking for different materials which she could use for her house. She was in her world of imaginations and I could see her joy. She had one round in resource room to have an idea of availability of resources she would need. Now the list of material started changing as per the availability. She brought what all material she needed, marked her house’s size and dimensions and soon she was busy making. I was observing her making. I could see different ideas taking shape, failing and giving birth to other ideas. Finally she came up with her house. You can have a look to the house through photographs attached. At last when she sat inside her dream house she said it is very different than what I had imagined.