Dr Gut


Kids sometime complain of upset stomach or go for irregular potty or pass a lot of gas …This needed some reflection at home on food, food habits and connection with body.

Pondered- What is triggering – is it water? is it food? is it food habits? is it some specific food? is it body constitution? overeating, less eating, emotions or something else.

Needed understanding – Understand how body works, how does digestion system works, what is the role of execration system, how does habits of passing motion in the morning effect or not effect our body and brain, what is constipation, what is loose motion, what is flatulence, etc and what can trigger stomach pain, what precaution one needs to take …

We became Dr Guts and shared about BODY and FOOD. Dr Guts….sharing in our own TV channels about stomach and it’s role in our lives. Each Dr gut added some value to our understanding….here is summery

Information…Food can be cause indigestion like Overdose of milk, dairy products, spicy food, acidic food, French fried, overdose of packaged food, fizzy drinks. Food to try during indigestion – Oat meal, salad, roots, greens, chicken, fish. Convert food in small molecule to be able to digest

Recommended practice….chew than gulping, talk in silence, consume sufficient water,

Question…why digestion is important ?

Advice…connect to your stomach. Feeling signals……hard or soft or blotted or tight. Listen signal… growling sound. Smelly signal….. stink. Visual signal…. color of potty tells you about your stomach. Process signal…..how you pass stool – quickly, sticky.

Moral…….Each one of us be own Dr guts by being aware of our food and listening of stomach signals.