DOING Process

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Actions in DOING Session

This Wednesday’s session on 13th Nov was a very unique one. Lots of energy, excitement, willingness to do and ownership was in the air. It was for a focused group of children who had chosen their projects two weeks ago.

We had planned well as one would take care of permissions and space checking while other would handle poster making, label designing and notice making. It is 10min break time for children from 11.15 to 11.25am. So, we used that time to update the HM and class teacher about what’s happening currently and that children will approach them for permissions and that we plan hosting Learning Mela at campus after two weeks. We even requested and got a spacious furniture less class room fully cleaned too for the session.We were intentional and steadfast to begin our work and just started off…

The session started with dancing welcome. There were about 5-6 girls who joined saying they were absent last week and would like to continue working. One child wanted to join afresh. So last week’s Design-Discuss-Do had to be explained to them and along with the designing of posters for all poster making children responsible in their project groups I.e., Class Library, Tree plantation, Friendship team, Class Art wall team and Water channeling and conservation team.Some challenges faced were-

1. Explaining all that was needed and having all the five project teams do the work

2. New concept communication

3. fixed 1hour time constraint

4. language comprehension

Also, little did they realize… after they had their posters ready, they’d already be pasting it on the Library wall. It was a sudden moment of joy, surprise and overwhelming feelings for children.Library team wanted to write the word LIBRARY in different languages- Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, English, Hindi and Urdu. It was indeed a beautiful experience to see the 7th graders interested to learn writing in a new language like Kannada or Hindi. Since we did not have anyone among us who knew Telugu script, they had to look out for who could help them. All these activities brought about independent work for all, thinking, being alert, designing, working together , valuing one another, care for resources etc.We can see them learning new words, new methods and ways, intentional, possibility to execute what they dream and so on.For the first time, we had Reflection with 100% attendance from the participants of the session. They now felt open, safe, playful, comfortable, understood needs, co-operative, participative, expressive, confident and excitement for campus visit.

Permission process

Permission Letter to write for the teacher and principal was beyond children comfort zone. Few had Fear of sentences, spellings,language, apprehension no idea how to write, what to write. Few took each others help. They were scared to ask permission from the class teacher and principal. They were confident while explaining the project mind maps to the teacher, principal, gardener. In the process they received comments and feedback . you don’t even pick a paper, you do water system, you are the one who makes most violence in class and you want friendship system, spell mistakes in letter writing and la la la.They all received with smile,shy and fun.

Children entered the principal room, with tension and fear. Few entered for the first time, few were OK. Many Children were in anxiety “what if Principal rejects” while waiting for their turns. They had to wait for 5 minutes for the principal to finish her work. Principal was reading their letters, correcting, sharing her joy when they were explaining mindmap. She acknowledged her appreciation with good, Very Good, Very Very Good and signatures to all their efforts. Children were so joyful to receive appreciation from the principal.

As an observer, i could enjoy every moment ofchild’s journey – anxiety, coming out of fear, taking feedback and comments, confidence blooming, joyful while receiving appreciation efforts, sincerity, and dedication in working.

Reflection Process:

Every child shared their likes and dislikes about their project, working responsibly by voting and also one word to express their feeling. Participation, involvement, and waiting for their turns instead of “me, me, me” . Understanding instructions were drastically improved in the session. One child voluntarily showed the visual for Stop, and children were connecting to visual of Silence when displayed.

Feelings expressed in session

Excited, Happy, joy, like, fun, interest, involved, satisfied, intent, fulfilling, doing. More, achieved, tensed, fear, anxiety, thoughtful.

Ideas popped to implement:

  • Ideas of implementing different clubs like reading, craft, art.

  • Seeing the interest of children, we can also bring different language learning sessions.

  • Children not interested can also be part of something what they can do.