Do you have any wish?

Aunty, do you have any wish? Last week I was greeted with this question during lunch. Oops!!! I did not have any wish – Are all my wishes fulfilled or have I stopped wishing ?

Well, kids with super enthusiasm asked me “if you had to ask for 3 wishes what will ask for?” I had no wishes, I pretended to think……….They with beaming energy shared

First wish – Pokemaon was real
Second wish – Whosoever want Pokeman to keep, gets it
Third wish – unlimited wishes, so we can ask for more

Well, I pushed myself and asked for three wishes

First wish – whenever I want music starts, without me switching any gadget
Second wish – I forgot
Third wish – unlimited wishes, so I can ask for more

There was cheer “you are learning from us, you also want unlimited wishes”. Yes!!! I am learning to live with kids around me. The chatter of wishes continued, I finished my lunch and left the hall wondering “when and where did I stop wishing?”