Do open learners give 10th / 12th / go to college?

This is something we all need to realise that getting a certificate is a CHOICE. No certificate is mandatory in our country and hence the moot question is why one wants to give 10th / 12th / or go to college? If a child has a reason, then definitely the child would and can give the required examination through various options.
However, some open learners do not see a need for 10th / 12th / college and continue their journey of developing their skills via internships or self exploration and build their own career pathways.
Please realize that merely giving 10th/12th gives no benefit to the child. If giving 10th/12th it makes sense to do college. That is an investment of about 6-8 years.
So the decision of going down the certification route or not depends on the child’s interest and plans and not simply because everybody else seems to be doing so!