Do it differently


Watch this video from movie Burfi (or any video) –

Do this at home with family and spend evening together OR do inbetween class to freshen up the minds. Watch it many times and each time

  • Focus on the feelings of Barfi and other characters (Self)
  • Focus on the colour comparison of Barfi’s clothes with the background (Visual)
  • Focus on observing different scientific phenomenon in action (Nature)
  • Focuses on different hand movements of Barfi and act them (Body)
  • Focus on who all is friendly to Barfi and who is not (People)
  • Focus on the rhythm of the song, try playing it (Music)
  • Focus on counting number of people in the video OR all cause-effect happening and what is completely illogical. (Math-Logic)
  • Focus on different adjectives that can be put to Barfi (Word)