Discovery of self

Our kids want to become something – a cricketer, a football player, a pilot, a trainer….ever wondered why do they choose what they choose?
We had three days intensive Jatre with some of them on “Intentions” of choosing what they choose.
It began with visioning with what one wants to become – We wrote our life stories – I am…I want
Visioning Process – Think in the present tense, think as if it’s happening now in your life…Imagine you travel in time machine and see yourself in future – How do you look – What kind of home you have – Whom are you living with – What kind of relationship you have with people around you – what kind of society you are living with – what all things you own – what do you do – feel about it, as a person what have you achieved – apart from your profession what else do you like to do – what kind of a person are you – what qualities do you have – what kind of lifestyle you are leading – what kind of desires you have from your health – you are that perfect person you always wanted to be, you have all the skills you always wanted inside you.
Think in detail and write about as if it is happening now – Work (profession), Self Image (qualities), Personal Learnings (hobbies), Tangibles (material), Community (society), Health (body) and Home (environment).
Next step was to question – why do I want and what will I gain? What does it look like? Why do you want? What exactly you like in your wish? When you do that how do you feel?
Often we do is not what we want to do but to fulfill some other needs. Someone want to be Cricketer not because one likes cricket but one likes the fame it brings. So the need is not the Cricket but the Fame! One wants to become Pilot not because one likes it but to prove self-worth in the community! One wants to become football player, not because of the love of the sports but the image he has in mind (of celebrity)! One wants to do daring things because it gives thrill!
The session was not to intervene or question what their needs are (fame and proving self) but to bring them closer to self, to identify needs. It was amazing to see how each one of them wanted to share and participate. They wanted to be questioned, they wanted to think, they wanted to connect with self!