Discovery of my Learning


Arham is five years old

He joins some online sessions and rest explores at home.
He began with not wanting to join any online space.

Anjali, his mother is active in her own way – participating in different online sessions with the community of Aarohi.
Soon Arham started choosing where he wanted to participate.

Anjali, his mother sharing

When I asked Arham, what do think what did you learn this month or these days?

His answer – NOTHING

Made me think about how I can bring awareness to him, that what he is learning at home.

When he was sorting and doing the dots activity in the book,I sat with paper and sketch pens. Started noting down what he knows by interacting with him. He started sharing about letters, capital, lower case, addition, numbers oral till 100. Then he started sharing I learned this new, this new. Aarti, number names, number till 100,

Arham, shared feeling happy, excited, confident, learning new…

Anjali feeling achieved on point of making him aware that he is learning new which he was not knowing earlier, was not able to do it..I am feeling happy seeing his happiness about his own learning.

ImagineAarohi which guarantees one definitive outcome – that learning will be self-discovery.