Discover China


What do you know about China – Food, Hardworking, population, food, looks, language etc? This is how he began his session on China.

He went to China for a business trip with parents and shared his experience with the community taking a session about China. Words we heard during his session – Shanghai, Xi’an, (terracotta army), Beijing, communism, politics, developed, policy, politics, population, education, insurance, Taoism, GDP, currency, tall buildings, independence, clean city, law and order, multicultural city in Shanghai, flyover roads, traffic, licence expenses, public transport, the Great Wall, bullet trains, speed and culture, DisneyLand, people on phone, happy, mind-blowing technology, lighted up street and so on…

He understood Communism, he read on the net and got more confused “what is the politics of China”?. A parent helped him to get a bit more clear but he was still not sure of himself.

Curious minds asked questions

Few things he knew

Few things he didn’t

He felt awesome, amazing, professional approach and a different world during his trip to China. He left some of us curious about this another world, called China!