Dinosaur in my tea

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I was busy on my phone and my 3.7 yr old boy made a “dinosaur” on my pants dipping his fingers in my black tea. I was so lost in my phone I dint even know! There were so many things I had to be mad about this. 1. He put fingers in a very warm tea..it could have hurt him!! 2. He put fingers in MY tea. 3. He did this to MY pants. But after attending Jaagriti I stopped to look at his smiling face. And I asked myself, “what do I want in this situation?” And about creativity from last class..I was able to look closely and find that it actually looked like a dinosaur! We admired it together and clicked this picture! And my pants dried off after a while. Something that could have been a negative experience was shifted just because I changed the way I thought..! I can’t thank Jaagriti and Aarohi enough – Jency sharing