Digi Medium


Without being judgmental about the quality and quantity of control, influence and conditioning that each (school, Media, Parents and Facilitators) tries to exert on the child – we yearn to create an environment in which each of these can be discussed, inquired into, reflected upon and understood by the child in his or her own way.

This week we took ‘digi’ medium in thought club. We did it through theater, I find theater a fun and powerful medium. Kids at Aarohi like that too :). We began with acting ‘disadvantage of digi medium’. Kids acted on the spot – They came up with advantages like helps in communication, we make friends, it is entertaining, helps in gaining knowledge, we use this for learning and so on.

We acted ‘5 disadvantages’. Kids came up their own list and acted – It effects health (my eyes starts watering I miss my outdoor play, I forget to eat), safety (hacking etc), effects socializing (I miss out meeting my friend in play ground), One kind of entertainment ( I miss out in other form of entertainment like theater), I go very quickly to google to search and miss out on reading books…..

Few pondered so it is advantageous and as well as harmful. It is good for communication as well as harmful, it helps in socializing as well as affects socializing……

On the spot kids also enacted a story told by another child on how he got scare of using mobile when he heard the stories of mobile blasting while charging….

At the end each shared their feelings about the ‘digi Medium’ Its awesome, its helpful as well as dangerous…….It was total fun to ponder on this thought.

The idea was not to impose our thought but to look at it in different forms leaving each one to explore in their own way. I find thought club a space to express, explore, ponder share….. we talk on various topics ranging from what is 10th to what is sexual abuse. We do it in various forms – circle time, open discussion, debate, theater, painting……recommend each home to create space to express freely, think freely and connect freely with each other.

And we end thought club with a flavor of expressing what one liked, did not like or express sorry to anyone in the community. We get expressions like “I did not like when you took my book without asking me, I acknowledge that you wanted to have fun but I did not like when you were teasing me… I observed you helping me when I needed help, I have appreciation for you for suggesting me a book… I want to say sorry to you that I did not return your chocolate back….