Different Views


Each one has one paper, follow instructions (4nos) and see the different results.

Each one sees the same dot and it tells many different things to different people….The planet, tip of a pencil, aerial view pond, cup, boat going around, bindi, round sand pit, ring, meditative point, top of a cylinder, balloon flying in the sky, tap, drop of water, cloud.

The whole exercise tells us
See in different ways
One thing many forms
No wrongs, No rights
And (unlimited choices, views)
Yes ( openness)
We have Imagination

This was the basis of planning our work… Do it differently AND enjoy the outcome AND explore your uniqueness AND do it in your own way AND let people do their own work AND there is no one way AND there is no wrong- right AND do it the way you understand AND do it in many ways AND thing has many forms, many views, and many perspectives.