From the diary of the parents – Aparna, Ganesh

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From the diary of parents, Aparna and Ganesh,

AchaleshRamana is having an Awesome Learning Journey at Aarohi Life Education Community. It has been nothing short of “Pure Unadulterated Blissful” Gratitude (PUB G)!

AchaleshRamana doesn’t Walk, Talk, Balk: He Flies, Sings, and Jumps-in. He consciously-intentionally-wilfully practices, among other things that we as Parents attach lots of importance to, and enjoys: Self-Social Restraints, Inter-Dependence-Relatedness-Connections, Compassion-Democracy-Equality, Internationalism, Love-Care-Understanding-Empathy, and a lot of lot lot more than “Conventional” Schooling can never-ever-forever offer!!

AchaleshRamana is introduced to innumerable things that he wouldn’t have been even sensitized to otherwise: Arts-Crafts; Baking; Chemistry-Lab-Setup; Dance-Drama-Drumming; Electrical-Electronics-Energy-Engineering; Fitness-Finesse-Football; Games <= These are nothing but activities. The real "exposure" stuff are Multiple Intelligences, Learning Styles, Habits of Mind, Thinking Hats, Creativity, Thinking Skills, Problem Solving Skills, Decision Making Skills, Trouble Shooting Skills, Communication Skills, Safety Skills & Training, Basic Skills (A big list of well-recognized "must-have" skills for life), Self-directed-learning Skills ... <= This list is Practically Endless!!!