From the diary of a facilitator


From the diary of a facilitator

Child – I have never drawn,

Me – It’s okay you can try now, just draw

Child – I do-not draw good,

Me – You do not have to draw good or bad, just draw

Child – I will not do it.

Child – I can’t dance, I do not know

Me – We can dance together

Child – But I can’t

Me – You can do with me

Child – I am not good

Child – I have never played sports in my life, I am not good at it

Me – How about not playing good, just playing

Child – How can?

Me – Let’s play to know

Child – But I am not good

Child – I have never done in my whole life, how can I do now?

Me – How old are you?

Child – 10yr

Me – Is your life done?

Child – I mean, I am not good at it, people will laugh at me


Child – I am learning Gymnastic for last one year

Me – You do-not get bored or feel like leaving

Child – No, I like it

Me – What you like most

Child – you speak a lot

Me – you came to me

Child – you make my mind go mad (in Hindi – apne mera dimag kharab kar diya)

Me – How else do I explain to you?

Child – You tell me one thing

Me – Then you will say “I speak a lot”

Child – Now, I can’t even ask

Child – Trekking is so difficult, I am tired

Me – I understand

Child – Let’s stop going out for trekking

Me – Then how will we experience?

Child – Let’s not

Child: When will my paint dry?

Me – How would you know when the paint is dried

Child – when it is dried.

Me: what will make your paint dry?

Child – air

Me – where will you get air?

Child – My paint is dried!