Dewey Doing

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Dewey’s thoughts on DOING.

He says “Give the pupils something to do, not something to learn; and the doing is of such a nature as to demand thinking; learning naturally results – Dewey”

Our Thoughts

  • Doing leads to various levels of learning
  • When we DO for the child, we take away the opportunity for the child to think.
  • When we put our way in what the child is doing, we don’t allow the child way to happen
  • When we focus on learning/outcome, we do not allow failure. If we were to focus on allowing the child to think, to fail, we will allow learning.

Some tips to DO this week

  • This week OBSERVE: What all your child is doing, thinking, trying, failing, …

  • Also OBSERVE: Where all you are not letting the child think by helping, instructing, doing for the child etc. Record what happens, your thoughts, your actions and child’s responses.

  • Whatever you want the child to learn, let the child instead do something related to it – for example, if you want the child to learn writing – ask the child to make a poster of something of child’s interest.

  • While the child is doing, observe how the child is doing, listen to how the child is thinking.

Write or record or draw

  • Share your observations

  • Share the creations

  • Share your thoughts