Democracy – Decisions


Good news – Campus phone got lost. Concern of not loosing but the usage and question of care came up very significantly. Few kids have personal phone, some more planning to get – concern of phone becoming part of basic survival hence each one thinking or required to own one.

Team voice brought the opportunity for the community to come together and share option and reach to a conclusion.

Eaxh voice/ opinion was important. Few proposals/ ideas

  • Get SIM card
  • Inform / time to be online for Parent
  • Continue same for the one term to realize the value
  • Use letter or email
  • Make time slots
  • Skype/ use friend’s phone/ parents / facilitator’s phone

Each idea had some advantages and disadvantages.
Three proposals were made for further discussion

  1. Pool-in money and buy common phone by kids who does not have phone.
  2. Buy SIM card and discourage personal phone. If community members okay to share phone, left to the individual choices. But for safety reasons not using guest phone for any purpose.
  3. Use online calls

Second proposal was passed with the agreement of all in the community. First and second proposal didn’t satisfy need of each individual in the community.

Action Plan – Re-active the SIM card or buy new SIM card. Phone instrument is already organised.

It was very easy to take this decision on our own, we didn’t need to spend hours in discussing, listening to each one in the community – but we prize the democracy in the community. Each view is important, each need is important. Democracy is our most aspirational endeavour – to create and keep Aarohi as a democratic space. We are experimenting with many form of interactions, communications, interventions and systems – all targeted to make the community truly interdependent – with co-creation, co-learning and co-existence as key parameters.