Degree for life!


Often we are questioned “but what about the real life? How will they face real life?’ I wonder if the current education making our kids ready anyway for LIFE?

This week 7 kids at the campus. (10 yrs to 19 yrs old) during weekend. I began my morning with internal frustration – Only two can cook the meal, two can assist in cooking, rest have no idea of how food is cooked or how it reaches their plates? All can tell me the stories of how their mothers cook food, but none had idea what goes in their meals. While all know how to search for a movie and watch an online movie, few knew how to cook vegetable for their breakfast. One child shared “I come home at 3pm, watch TV or Movies for three hours, and then go for tuitions”. Later I asked him “how about cooking everyday for some time”. He replied immediately “I have so many tuition to go for, no time”. I asked “and how about he movies/ TV you watch”. He just smiled and repeated “but I have to study”. As we worked together all surprised to their own “participated in cooking breakfast” Two cut the veg and one cooked it (with support, never done earlier), others made bread toast and our breakfast was ready!

I was working with a 10 yrs old child on health and hygiene. He chose the topic “what makes a food junk food”. As we were researching more, we came across the question “why do we need protein?”. He read few times, but had no idea what protein is, no idea about what he eats and what it give to him? He has knowledge about what is carbohydrate, protein and fat – but had no idea on what do they do their body. No wonder many kids do not relate with “what is in Dal or vegetable?” They eat, what do they eat and why they eat is not connected. They know there are two types of food “junk and healthy” and what makes any food junk or healthy has no connection.

The concept of degrees, certification and teaching is so strong that we often forget to even pause and think “what is this process doing to us?” Is it really growth? Is it really worth?