Deep Learning happens when?

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DEEP DIVE began with “Deep Learning happens when?”
Sharing –Curiosity, the transition from basic to the next level, understand what I am doing, develop, involvement, give 100%

Role of PHYSICAL aspects – environment, body, etc
Sharing –Resources, silence, non-interrupted time, active body,

Role of MENTAL aspects – beliefs, opinion, HOME, etc
Sharing –the attitude of learning, able to take feedback, research, preparation, inspiration from others, understanding why, skill development

Role of EMOTIONAL aspect – Self-talk

Many people ask or wonder what is the structure of open learning, what structure we follow.

Well, when one uses the word open learning, how can there be structure. Rather each open learner would create or design his or her own structure. And obviously this itself would keep changing based on how the individual needs evolve.

What however is common and hence of interest to us are processes that many open learners follow. Let us understand this via the analogy of food. The structure of food intake is different across cultures, but the processes people follow are similar/common like baking, frying, sauteing, grilling etc. So the structure of cooking involves which process each culture or family employs.

In much the same way each open learner apart from choosing the content chooses the different processes, each used in different degrees and different ways. Let us look at some of the processes we at Aarohi follow, which perhaps all people use in their own style in their life.

  1. Choose, Decide, Plan

  2. Research, Collect, Explore

  3. Design, Discuss, Do

  4. Imagine, Experiment, Create,

  5. Review, Assess, Reflect

Each of these could be micro-processes, as in dynamically happening within a task or part of the bigger map we have for our days, weeks, months, and life.