Decision – Special Week


How does one gets introduced to various topics? The occasion of special week helping us to know that there is something like ‘human rights’ exist, or chemicals can be explored for learning and poetry can be fun and also history can be worth reading or may be animals can be learnt in depth.

Special week is the time when we spent time exploring one topic in many different ways. Different children suggested different topics for special week. To decide which one to explore next week, different groups made presentations with their ideas and what all one can be done special week.

  1. Animals

  2. Human Rights

  3. Chemical

  4. Poetry

  5. History

At the end we set criteria to decide about the theme – newness, challenging, feasibility to do at campus and voting. While voting was one of the criteria to choose it was not the criteria to finalize. A panel was set for final decison, one chidl from each group was part of panel members. While the theme of Animals was voted highest, the theme lost in newness and challenges as criteria. The theme of ‘chemical’ won for its newness and challenges it has for us.