Debate for Exposure

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Friday Multiplex at Aarohi is a space to have exposure. This week the debate was part of the exposure. Some parents coming forward and bringing the exposure of different topics – often not talked about, all ages coming together in one space and creating exposure for each other. It was an informal space for discussion but also a space for exposure.

We knew a little about the topics so more time went into understanding the topic and getting the idea of the topic. However, some different pints of views and debate happened

  1. Farmer’s bill is against their interest? Big loss for the farmers if the agriculture goes to corporate.

  2. Fitness is a myth? – Ask the household about the fitness routine? Why do we like fitness, want to get slim. Why is it a myth, when people know they want to become slim? Both the sides were equally right.

  3. Do we need the Indo-China war? There is a historical perspective, and politics, what is the cost of the war, what do we gain if we fight, what do we lose or not to fight remains the point to discuss.

  4. Farming is the only way of living sustainability? We can live in urban areas by making the right choices – having our own terrace garden or buy from some other garden. It can make an impact – the choices you make is the key. Living in an apartment is more sustainable than living on a farm. Community farming, vertical farming, some of the words we heard.

  5. Climate change needs attention, should it be our topmost agenda? It is natural, we humans are very microscopic, the changes are happening for millions of years – If we are in a war situation it does not make any sense to talk about climate change. No conclusion and the invitation is to keep debating.

  6. What do students do in college? Higher education working a mafia, overall is not productive, not prepared enough to work. If the industry starts hiring based on skills then students can start planning. Only those who have the skills and want to go, go for engineering colleges.