A day with Supratim


Imagine Aarohi, a learning community where we learn from anyone…just like that! Photography is an art or science or both? A day (just few hours) with Supratim was enriching to explore photography as a science and an art too!

He shared

Photography began even before cameras were born!
Is it drawing with light?
It’s all stated with Agno3 ( silver nitrate) – in presence of light it passed gases.
Photography was also used for drawing and painting. X-rays is also s type of photography.
Radioactivity ( x-ray), Electromagnetic waves ( light),
Photography is also about capturing shadow.
Olden days photography was understood as capturing shadow…have you heard about Silhouette photography?

Photography does not need a camera…you need to see through your eyes before camera captures it. Do I really want to take picture of this moment?

Composition in photography begins with looking for
1 Frame, – look for patterns, look for style, Silhouette, colurs,
2 Subject – eyes of the fig, a lead
3 Position
Rule of thirds – If you put your object in third grid, the composition is powerful

Understatnding science of focus, focal length, lens, photographic plate, image forming, aperture, shutter, shutter speed, relationship of camera with eyes, accommodating, pixels, RGB, videography.