A day with Ranji


Last 15 years working in theatre, last five years passion is profession (full time in theatre). When he needed to direct a play on life of a painter, he decided to learn painting. He would paint for days, weeks or months…this became his full time hobby.

Playback theatre – Playback the audience responses with improvisation, no rehearsal, no direction. Theatre is about doing, more we do we learn. Theatre is all about giving, receiving, listening and observing. Question asked “how do you act?” – Act without any thought on “i am doing bad”, throw this thought out of the gate, and ACT FREELY without any apprehension on what will someone will say?

He acted our storiessponstaneoulsy, he made our stories alive!

He shared “less you think, more you do….it gives you an opportunity to be spontaneous, allows you to be free of apprehensions”.

He didn’t come to inspire us, he didn’t come to teach, he just came to share and be with us! Some of us were inspired, one child shared “The audience gives me stuff, I play and send it back to them, It was such wonderful experience, I would like to do it again”. He painted with us, he didn’t teach to paint but many painted with him and were in awe with self “I can make such wonderful painting”!

Often asked “only a teacher with a structured course can take the learning forward” We say there are millions of ways one can learning forward!Ranjishared “I started learning painting when I started painiting!”