A day with Farmers

As we walked down the road to Chinigiripalli,we saw farms to both sides of the road where beans, tomatoes, coriander, roses were being grown. We stopped to see the cultivation. Talks were about what techniques farmers were using to grow them, how modernised farming has become, struggles of not having enough rain and hence no water, how nice to see freshly grown vegetables, will we get something to pluck? I want to do something in the farm etc.
As we treaded, little ahead we stopped to look at the Desi cows, marigold farms and got an opportunity to get inside one of he guest house’s with farm. We left our slippers and bags and walked on to see more farms bare foot. Children, young ,old all of them enjoying the touch of the wet soil under their feet. On our way, farms of corn, tomatoes, tilled lands, just sowed lands, cauliflowers, turnips. What a variety ! To much of everyone’s surprise, cauliflower plants stood out with it’s large floral shaped leaves( Though no cauliflowers). With many of them complaining about pain in their feet, zest of moving on was not dampened. Greenhouse was the next stop. Filled with capsicum plantations ( yellow and red varieties ) some of the children were excited to go in.
The warmth inside, the capsicums the mud were all fine. Some started responding the moment they saw bags of fertilizers. The air inside had the smell of insecticide. And some were wondering !! Some were contented to see the capsicums. Some were happy to see the plants as they were also growing it in their backyard. We were in the last leg of our journey, and there we see a huge tall tree. Few minutes later, we get to see almost everyone on the tree. Who cares whether I have an aching leg? Who cares if I am going to be looked at? Who cares whether I am going to fall? Climbing is the only goal! After few scratches, peels of laughter, screeching, talking, we move forward to the farm to see harvesting of spring onions and tomatoes.
Got to see the joy on the faces of children, when they actually got to pluck the fruits and the shoots of spring onions. Some of them filled their pockets with tomatoes. Some of them filled in tomatoes in their bags. And some filled it in sack and carried back to campus. Looking at children’s enthusiasm, the farmer gave us few spring onion shoots free. We all walked down to our road back to campus with our slippers on, bag packs on our back and each one with a satisfaction of doing / seeing/ observing FARMS.