A day with Aunradha and Theatre


ImagineAarohi, a learning community where we experience different aspects ofliving – learning and living are not different. Professionals from the fields and ourteachersare no different – we learn whomsoever we meet as we grow!

The session on theatre with Theatre artist Anuradha to understand “How hardwork theatre is!”

It began with questioning “What is theater?” Expression, emotions, reality, acting…Is it lying?
Theatre started with caveman coming back and narrating the stories of hunting!

Various kinds of theatre form
Folk, classical, traditional theatre – Yakshagana, Tamasha, Ramleela…each theatre requires a different skills… passion, training, practice

Contemporary theatre – Mixture of different styles. Realistic theatre…see everything on the stage. Theatre of absurd…we know that knowingly we are doing (play like “waiting for Godot”),

Broadway theatre (lion king) – everything is greater than life. Experiment theatre (movement, clowning).

Community theatre – use theatre to benefit communty (playback, forum, theatre if oppressed).

And for any theatre, it does not happen without training. Few theatrical exercises to experienced observation, listening and understatnding of energy and power on the stage.

Theatre is beyond just acting!