A date with Justice

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JUSTICE was the topic – we feel it, we face it, we see it, we hear it… but not explored it. Thank you, Kanaka for bringing this topic to our attention.

The words we heard in the session – some new, some old – Justice, Latin, Just means right, Righteousness, Dike, goddesses of Justice, Themis goddess of divine Justice, Greece civilization, Justicia, Binary system, Roman adopted, the Supreme Court of India, mother India, protect, Indian philosophy, Dharma and Nayaya, universal law, Western philosophy, generic idea of Justice, why do we need? Why do we need to watch over? Settlement, Look within, science, philosophy, live longer in a harmonious way, social combinations, opinions, mood, relationships, complexities, virtue in action, superhuman, become better, vice, betterment, virtuous, Justice to self, personal concept, legal process, personal ethics, personal mortality, cleanse vices, perfecting self, good to you, Advent of civilization, innate sense of right and wrong, codified concepts, philosophy, Socrates, Replica, Pluto, wisdom to reflect, control emotions, doing with understanding, goodness, wiliness to obey law, rights and duties, balance in thoughts and actions, borrowed law from nature, Greece devoted to law, superhuman origins, relentless efforts to be better and better, efficacy of Justice, governmental institution, legal Justice, curative Justice,

And the thoughts at the end of the session about justice…blank, mindful, justice is about self-discipline, Justice of self and others, righteousness, subjective, Harmony, improving individual’s consciousness, understand within you, starts with self, fairness, Justice is common sense!