A date with Debate


Just a small debate session brought an opportunity to get engaged with different topics – a lot of research went into by each individual to present a one minute’s facts and proving the point – enjoyed the whole process.This 13yr old was not too small to lead and design this whole experience, not only for himself but for the whole community.

The framework of the debate – Give introduction, State a fact, Prove the point, Counter the points and Find a solution

In favour – for research, Progress due to research, lager cause, animals have a shorter life span, trying ad testing, laws and regulations in place
Against – Brutal treatment, experimentation for our gain, this does not give any conclusion that it will work on humans, so not viable. Proving human race is superior, better do on humans, too much, not only medicine but for cosmetics for our benefit, find some alternative with all the technology, humans can work with constraint, it has to be completely shut down
Solutions – If unavoidable use this method, do not test each and everything and especially cosmetics, use only for severe human disease, use less cosmetics.

Topic 2 – GOD EXIST
In favour – who else has made life on this planet? It cannot be coincidence, that everything is fitting perfectly. If we were blond, does that mean the moon does not exist? Where did the dust come from?
Against – You can’t see or feel, we are earning money by work, god cannot give just like that, Lakshmi gives goodness – where did Lakshmi exist in no wealth period? The solar system was cloudy, gravity collapsed the material and the processes created the earth. It’s a coincidence, it was no god who created it was the cell which created the creations. Prayers have scientific reasoning. God was created to instil fear. It’s a man-made creation. Solutions – Mixing religion with belief. Each one to make their opinion.

In favour – Technology support, technology advancement, use of war technology, technology like GPS, most explorations are within earth atmosphere
Against – time, money is not very useful, a huge amount of money is spent,
Solutions – ???

In favour – 3500 BC egypt kings kept the as pets, rehabilitation centre, bring back species, people to know about animals and protect, rare animals,
Against – Park and garden filled with cages, animals dying, do not have skills to go into the wild, living less in zoo, high stress level, taken away from their mother,
Solutions – Do Not randomly keep animals in zoo, let rehabilitation continue, train before

A common myth that “Children are dependent” – May be the worst belief is that they are dependent on us to learn! Because we think they depend on us to learn, we teach. And because we teach, they shy away from learning on their own. However, deep down they want to learn on their own. They actually only once in a while need some support. Watch how an infant is all too keen to learn how to walk, to talk, to explore. He is not looking for a teacher. But as children grow, gradually we make them believe that they need to depend on us to learn. We even feel important that they depend on us!

But the more they depend on us to learn, the less is the rate of learning, quality of learning and even the desire to learn.

What do you say?