A date with death


An appointment with death in Teen Club – just to talk about it
Sharing an experience of death in the family
Sharing views about a statement “death is an inevitable part of life”.
Reflecting “how does media/world is representing death to you”.

And what about after death? Word we harvested – death is inevitable, creepy, scary, sad, happy, nothing, crying, scary, ghost, rituals, overreaction, after death, TRP, culture, movies, another body, natural, spirit, disease, contagious, scared of spreading, newborn, god, theory of god, influence, religion, harvesting the conversation, why and how, shock, can;t change, enjoy life before death, faking, no emotions, money, beliefs, new body, nothingness, affected, after effects, missing, void, let death not affect, cool, question God, incarnate, don’t care, enjoy fullest, be ready for death anytime, Zero waste – exchanging body and mind, heaven or hell or re-birth, why natural instinct to live, what is that? Self-directed learning after death, death airline, one-way ticket…and ended the session with writing a letter to one person/pet died and that all about our date with death.!